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Former dancer Carolyn Savidge is a UK based performance artist, choreographer and writer who has been creative director for numerous public performances at home and overseas. Carolyn’s community-inspired short films (Branch Line, The Magic Camera, Jigsaw, and Secret Island) have enabled explorations into facets of social history and the enduring significance of life’s journey, as well as more personal narratives. Her films have been screened in cinemas in London and Somerset, where she lives.


With an interest in the power of the body in motion, particularly in yoga, tai chi, dance and walking. Carolyn is currently engaged in investigating the outcomes and influences generated by immersion in, and journeys through, the landscape. This innovative area of artistic endeavour could be seen as a transitory or ephemeral art form. However, Carolyn’s intention is to build upon her proven skills and understanding by incorporating complimentary audio-visual forms of expression to widen the scope of her work and enable it to be sustained beyond the moment of performance.

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